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Our first "About" page

We moved in almost 3 years ago. Whoa. How time flies. I realized it was time to update our "About" section, but wanted to somehow save what I had written because it's fun to look back on and it's still interesting info to know about us and the property. So here it is:

… a bit about us:

We’re the Baldus family. This property was exactly what we had been searching for and we’re excited to work the land and make it our own. In the past, we've enjoyed extensive gardening, raising chickens (both for eggs and for meat), and working on all sorts of projects. We're now looking forward to growing food for our community as well.

Hannah grew up a mile down the road from the farm, so she’s returning to her roots. Her background is in environmental studies and the farm provides the perfect opportunity to practice what she's learned over the years with things like soil health, food access, and sustainability. If she’s not in the garden or chasing her kids around, she’s reading, doing yoga, or running.

Chris grew up in Montana gardening, hunting, and fishing out his back door. His background is in business and finance, so it’ll be fun to see the ways he molds his passion for working the land with business.

… a bit about our farm:

The history of our farm is rich. Built in 1890, our home is situated on the original Gustafson homestead. Of course, the house has undergone renovations, but it and the land were quite neglected before we moved in.

It’s almost comical how much there is to do. The land hasn’t been worked in over 30 years and the 7 buildings need work. A lot of work. The farm has large space for pastures and 20 old, gnarled maple trees. 23 fruit trees including apple, pear, cherry, plum, mulberry, and a few nut trees thrown in there, too. We’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and stewarding this land.

We're so thankful to be here.

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