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About Maple Lane

Hi, we’re Chris and Hannah— two first generation farmers with backgrounds in business (Chris) and environmental studies (Hannah). We moved in March of 2020 and have been working to bring this farm back to life over the past three years. It's been a great place to raise our family and we're thankful to be here in Kitsap County.


We’re passionate about regenerative agriculture (think sustainable growing),  community involvement, and sound business practices.


Maple Lane Farmstead is our umbrella and under it you’ll find Maple Lane Farm Stand, Maple Lane Flowers, Maple Lane Dahlias, and Maple Lane Mercantile. 


The past three years has taught us so much, especially regarding what we want to do (the farm stand, flowers, dahlias, and mercantile) and what we don’t want to do. For example, we raise our own chickens for meat, but we don’t sell meat. We initially thought we might, but decided against it in favor of our other projects. (If you want meat, check out our friends down the road at Old Frontier Family Farm.)


Maple Lane Farm Stand is our main focus. You’ll find our produce, chicken eggs, and market bouquets at our stand on our property. We're located conveniently in Silverdale and fortunate to be just 1 mile off the Trigger highway exit. We grow tons of veggies and fruit and keep it stocked on weekends during our season. We should be opening in late spring of this year (2023), so check back here or sign up for emails if you want to be notified about that. We’re working to develop a u-pick area in our garden as well! If all goes according to plan, look for that in 2024.


Maple Lane Flowers is Hannah’s not-so-little side project. We didn’t set out to be a flower farm, but Hannah grew a couple the first year and fell in love. It’s grown into a full blown operation with a partnership with Cora’s Cut Flowers doing Bouquet Subscriptions, DIY Flower Buckets, as well as supplying local florists with flowers. We also provide flowers & bouquets for small events.


Maple Lane Dahlias grew from the flower venture. Hannah sells a select few dahlia tubers of her favorite kinds and she takes plant care seriously. With a rise of viruses and gall in the dahlia world, we ruthlessly pull any that appear diseased and we also test for viruses. We sanitize equipment between plants and practice pest management that mitigates insect-spread disease. The tuber sale begins in March!


Maple Lane Mercantile is Hannah’s dream project. It’s in the very beginning stages, and you might not see much on the site for a year or so. Bringing together Hannah's passion for sustainable sourcing and transparent supply chains, the Mercantile will offer garden and homestead goods that are both functional and ethically produced. 


Want to know more about us and our farm? Click here to read our first “About Us” when we first moved here in March 2020 (yep, you read that date right!) Click here to read about the history of our farm as an original 1890s homestead. We will also host scheduled farm tours, coming soon.


Thanks for being here. Happy to answer any questions. Reach out via our chat box or email

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